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  The Lithuanian Castles and Manors Association is a community-based organization, strong to the extent that we, its members contribute with our work and advices.

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Greetings to the Latvian Association of Castles, Palaces and Manors and presentation of Lithuanian manors heritage

2020 09 24
On September 24 during the international conference at Rundale palace, Latvia and online, president of Lithuanian Association of Castles and Manors Gintaras Karosas congratulated the Latvian Association of Castles, Palaces and Manors on the occasion of 20th anniversary, remembered beautiful cooperation and joint projects.

New video, beautifully representing Lithuanian manors was presented at the conference with the invitation to explore Lithuanian heritage. Plačiau...»

Days of Historic Parks and Gardens the first weekend of July

2020 07 02
The sectors affected most by the global pandemic are culture and tourism, especially rural tourism. The manor owners eagerly reopen themselves to the visitors while keeping in mind the responsibility for health security.

The majority of manor parks origin from Baroque or Classicism era, but there are many more variations. Parks, together with roads, alleys, remote or distant varieties of landscapes, ponds, waterfalls, different structures like rotunds, original or artificial ruins etc. create unique architectural ensembles. At the same time they are unique natural complexes with a variety of rare foreign species but also remarkable local plants and trees provided with excellent conditions. Parks and gardens are challenging heritage do to their living nature – they are in a constant change and need dedicated care. Plačiau...»

The Lithuanian Association of Castles and Manors presents a video clip and invites you to explore Lithuanian manors

2020 05 14
With its new video showcasing the beauty of nature, historical castles and manors, the Lithuanian Association of Castles and Manors inspires the viewer to explore Lithuania and its cultural heritage.

Castles and manor houses, architectural ensembles surrounded by green parks, wrapped in a veil of history, adorning the entire landscape of Lithuania like gemstones... They preserve a piece of the past of our Homeland and each of us.

The Lithuanian Association of Castles and Manors invites everyone to take a closer look, learn more about cultural heritage sites, visit the manors and experience their unique atmosphere as a part of the project “Let’s Explore Lithuanian Manors”. After all, if you explore our blooming country in spring, the impressions will last forever. Plačiau...»

The castles and manors associations members gathering

2019 09 25
Rokiškis manor hosted the castles and manors associations members gathering. Participants were welcomed by Rokiškis regional museum director Nijolė Šniokienė, Rokiškis district mayor Ramūnas Godeliauskas, Lithuanian castles and manors (Lietuvos pilių ir dvarų asociacija), president Gintaras Karosas. Event lecturers presented Ilzenbergas manor restauration experience, tendencies behind the doors of nowadays manors. Latvian castles and manors (Latvijas Piļu un Muižu Asociācija), representative presented the activities and events in Latvia. Lithuanian and Latvian association members shared their manors actualities. Attendees had the possibility to get to know the history and exposition of Rokiškis manor. Event ended up with the excursion to Gačionys manor, where the participants were welcomed by the owner baron Piotras Rozenas. Plačiau...»
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We rebuild and bring back old cultural traditions of Lithuanian manors and castles